For Safe Church Representatives

The steps below are a guide to holding Basic Training in your church. There's also a video for SCRs about running the training at the PCV Safe Church YouTube Channel.

To hold Safe Church Basic Training:

1. Seek Session approval for Safe Church Basic Training to be held as an official congregational event 

2. With Session jointly select a date and location for the training. The time taken for the training is approximately 2 hours, depending on how much discussion time for the scenario and the break is desired by participants. The SCR will need to pause the video at designated times as prompted in order for participants to complete questions in the booklet as the training material is worked through. 

3. Register the training event with the SCU - go here to register the event

4. Use the material in the kit below to run the training event. You will need to make copies of the material for the attendees and to have access to the internet and appropriate facilities to show the video. Note there are two possible scenarios (A & B) to use in Section 2 of the Basic Training. Choose whichever scenario(s) are preferred for use. Go through the Scenario Response Information sheets with the attendees after they have completed the scenario task and allow some time for discussion as necessary. This may take approximately 15 minutes of the total time required

5. It is highly recommended to take a 5 minute break at some point during the training video to allow people to stretch their legs and then re-focus again afterwards.

6. Safe Church Representatives are not expected to answer questions in relation to the training content. Questions about the material covered in the training are to be referred to the SCU either via email or telephone 0499 090 449. The video and training booklet make this clear to participants 

7. After the training is completed the SCU must be notified and the attendees' names sent to the SCU - go here to notify SCU of completion

Some SCRs find it helpful to have a "practice run" of the technology set-up at their church prior to the day of the training to trouble-shoot any potential issues. If your church does not have internet connectivity or appropriate download capacity and/or speed please contact SCU who will arrange for the material to be provided to you via USB.

Basic Training Kit

Materials to print for the Basic Training

1. Basic Training Participant's Workbook (one copy for each attendee)

2. Section 2 Scenario materials - enough copies for each attendee

Scenario B

3. Betrayal of Trust Legislation Factsheets:

'Failure to Protect'

'Failure to Disclose'


4. Safe Church Basic Training Promotional Poster (can be printed for church newsletter inserts or for displaying on church noticeboards)

5. Attendance Sign-In Record

6. The Basic Training video is available at the PCV Safe Church YouTube Channel.

7. Optional opening & closing prayers