safe church training for the pcv

As part of the PCV's commitment to Safe Church all people who

  • hold leadership positions, or 
  • minister to children under 18, or
  • are involved in Pastoral Care

in a PCV congregation or organisation are required to complete the Safe Church Basic Training Course.

This includes:

  • Ministers
  • Elders
  • Deacons
  • Bible Study Leaders
  • Music Ministry Leaders
  • Camp Committee Leaders
  • All those who work with children under 18 (e.g. Mainly Music, playgroup, Sunday School, youth groups, kids' or holiday clubs, creche and any other ministry to children under 18)
  • Pastoral Carers
  • Board Members

In 2015, the initial year of training, Board Members were not required to attend training but were welcome to attend. From 1 January 2017 Board Members are mandated to attend Safe Church Basic Training with the commencement of the legislated Victorian Child Safe Standards. 

There are 3 forms of Safe Church Training:

1. Basic Training (completed first and once only)

2. The Online Safe Church Refresher Course (a short online presentation to be viewed once every twelve months)

3. Advanced Training - for designated leaders only (see below)

There is no cost for course participation.

PCV Safe Church is a member of the Safe Church Training Agreement. Contact the SCU if you require a completion of training certificate should you require one.

PCV recognises other denominational Safe Church training where the denomination is a member of the Safe Church Training Agreement and where the individual has completed training within the last three years and can provide documentation of this. Contact SCU for further details about this and how this can be recorded by Safe Church Representatives and at SCU.

safe church training for new ministers

In response to requests from our denomination Safe Church Training for New Ministers is now available to assist new ministers in areas such as reporting requirements (including legal responsibilities), resourcing to aide ministering to individuals involved in an abuse-related matter, and, responding to Safe Church scenarios. This training is for both recently graduated or ordained PCV ministers as well as for those ministers and pastoral ministry workers who have recently come to a PCV charge from another denomination. Please contact the Safe Church Facilitator if you would like further details.


The three hour Basic Training course covers the implementation, procedures and practice of the Safe Church Policy and Code of Conduct in all child-related ministries and operations within the denomination. Paid staff and volunteers will not be permitted to take part in any child related ministries without completing the Safe Church Basic Training. People commencing a leadership, pastoral care or child-related role in the PCV for the first time must complete Basic Training within the first 12 months of taking on that role.

In 2016 Basic Training will be available via two means:

  1. Churches will be able to run their own congregational In-House Basic Training through the use of a kit and the PCV Safe Church YouTube channel - administered by SCRs only and registered with SCU (see below)
  2. The Safe Church Facilitator will be available to attend your church/presbytery to give the training in person - as a minimum of 20 people is required to hold a training session local congregations or presbyteries may choose to hold one centralised training event. Contact SCU to enquire about holding a Basic Training event with the Safe Church Facilitator

Speak to your congregational Safe Church Representative or contact the SCU to find out how you can attend Basic Training.

Under 18's attending Basic Training

From time to time SCU receives enquiries about under 18-year-olds attending Basic Training. As the training content includes material relating to child abuse and general information about abuse it is not recommended that people aged under 18 attend. However, if a person under 18 wishes to attend they must be at least 16 years old (the age of consent in Victoria) and a signed parental permission form must be completed and returned to the Safe Church Representative prior to attendance. The form can be found here and at the Forms page.

congregational in-house basic training

Safe Church Basic Training is now available online and can be run in congregations following the guidelines below:

1. Safe Church Basic Training can only be held as an official congregational event approved by the Session. To be Safe Church compliant the Session must approve the running of the training event and work with the Safe Church Representative to set the date(s) and location for the training

2. A person will not be compliant with the training requirement by merely watching the videos in their own time - the training must only be facilitated by the Safe Church Representative in an official congregational event with the above approval of the Session

3. The training event must be registered with the SCU prior to occurring to be Safe Church compliant (the registration form is found at step 3 of the Safe Church Basic Training Kit - see link below)

4. Use the Safe Church Basic Training Kit (see link below) to run the training event. The Basic Training videos are on Youtube and an internet connection is required for these to be presented

5. After the training the SCU must be notified of the completion of the event and the names of attendees



The Safe Church Basic Training Kit (including registration and notification forms, advice, instructions, material to print and links to the Basic Training videos) enables Safe Church Representatives to hold a training event. 

Online Safe Church Refresher Course

As part of the PCV's commitment to Safe Church these same people listed above are required to complete the Safe Church Refresher Course every 12 months. Commencing in 2016, the Safe Church Refresher Course is a brief online presentation available at the PCV Safe Church YouTube Channel, designed to ensure adherence to Safe Church policy, procedure and practice in the intervening time between three-yearly training. An offline version of the Safe Church Refresher Course is available for those people without access to the internet - contact the Safe Church Unit to have this directly posted by mail. Alternatively it can be downloaded here

Safe Church Representatives promote the Refresher Course in their congregation/organisation and direct all mandated people to view the presentation.

Click here for the online Safe Church Refresher Course

Advanced Training

Advanced Training covers Safe Church material at a deeper level and in particular focuses on prevention and wider understandings, with more opportunity to work through scenarios in groups. It is delivered to designated leaders in congregations and organisations with particular responsibility for leading and delivering ministry in both general and specific areas. Advanced Training sessions will be offered on a staggered basis across a two year period, commencing early 2018, in order to reach all PCV congregations and organisations. Advanced Training will be delivered by the Safe Church Facilitator. 

Basic Training Calendar 

As at 20 November 2017 there have been thirteen open Basic Training events held in 2017 across the PCV - many thanks to the Sessions and Safe Church Representatives that have made this possible. 

Please note: New training events are posted here as they are announced - previous dates are removed to avoid confusion



Saturday 25th November 2017 - 9.30am - 12.30pm

81 Edwardes Street, Reservoir

With thanks to the Session of Reservoir PC who have approved this as an open training event for the denomination

Please register your attendance via text 0499 090 449 up to 48 hours prior to the event